Scrub - Net Sponge
(All Purpose Scrubbing Pad)

Size : All sizes available
Material : Polyurethane Sponge, Polyester and Pet
Color : All colors available

Description :
  1. All purpose scrubbing pad.
  2. Cleans better and last longer.
  3. Our Scrub-Net Sponge is the stronger more absorbent scour pad.
  4. Non scratch cleaning.
  5. Easy to hold.
  6. Cleans all Teflon and Silverstone coated cookware, dishes, and China, counter tops, aluminium and cast iron, enamel and porcelain, appliances, fruits and vegetables, tile, shower door and fixtures, walls, spot cleans carpets, cleaning of kitchen, bathroom and
  7. Safe for Non-stick cookware.
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